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QuestCraft 5.0 Brings Minecraft VR To Quest 3 Unofficially With 120FPS Performance

QuestCraft version 5.0 logo

QuestCraft 5.0 revamps the unofficial Minecraft VR port for Quest 3 with performance improvements.

In the absence of an official standalone release, QuestCraft is a wrapper for Minecraft with full motion control support that you can sideload onto Quest headsets. Previously one of the only Quest 2 apps that didn't work on Quest 3, SideQuest's recent 'Indie Spotlight' presentation announced that QuestCraft Version 5.0 is available now and fixes this compatibility issue.

Outlining what's changed in the above video, developer CADIndie and the team confirmed that QuestCraft 5.0 improves the framerate from 45FPS to 120FPS on Quest 3. Mod compatibility and resource utilization have been improved, the launcher has been redesigned and QuestCraft now supports Quest 1.

Much like the unofficial VR ports from Team Beef, QuestCraft doesn’t directly distribute Minecraft and this wrapper simply lets you play on standalone hardware. Accessing QuestCraft requires a legitimate copy of Minecraft's Java & Bedrock Edition on PC and a Microsoft account.

QuestCraft is available now through SideQuest, while a 'PicoCraft' edition for Pico headsets is coming later this year. You can find more details on sideloading below and in this tutorial video.

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