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Team Beef's Doom 3 VR Mod Adds Dynamic Shadows On Quest 3

Team Beef's Doom 3 VR Mod Adds Dynamic Shadows On Quest 3

Team Beef's unofficial Doom 3 VR mod received a visual update on Quest 3, unlocking dynamic shadows with further improvements planned.

Released nearly three years ago, we considered Team Beef's Doom 3 VR mod more impressive than the official Doom 3 PSVR port. Since then, it's received post-launch upgrades like two-handed weapon grips and, on Quest 3, Team Beef unlocked dynamic shadows. You can see that in action below:

When activating shadows, Doom 3 runs at 72Hz at 1848 x 1848 resolution. However, disabling shadows and raising supersampling hits a 2064 x 2208 resolution instead. Elaborating further, Team Beef confirms you can hit 80Hz refresh rate with "MSAA1 and supersampling 1.0" on Quest 3, though the team states you can't do 90Hz with shadows.

It doesn't end there for Doom 3, and Team Beef later outlined further planned upgrades for its VR mod, which is being developed by Defunkt. That includes manual reloading, improved shaders, dismemberment and support for Doom 3's expansions, Resurrection of Evil and The Lost Mission.

The Doom 3 VR Mod can be downloaded via SideQuest, requiring you to own the Steam version. This doesn't work for the BFG edition, and you can find full installation instructions through the official website.

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