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Doom 3 Runs On Oculus Quest And Quest 2 With Doom3Quest

Doom 3 Runs On Oculus Quest And Quest 2 With Doom3Quest

Simon Brown and his enthusiastic partners at Team Beef have done what Facebook, Oculus and Zenimax-owned Id Software could not.

Doom 3 now runs on Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 2.

The landmark shooter made by Id — originally released in 2004 — arrives in standalone VR in 2021. Its launch essentially marks the realization of a promise made during the original Oculus Kickstarter project from 2012.

Doom 3 Oculus Kickstarter.
The original promise made in 2012 that Doom 3 would be included with delivery of a developer kit as “the first Oculus-ready game”.

That promise remained unfulfilled, however, as relations soured between Zenimax-owned Id Software and Facebook-owned Oculus.

You can head over to SideQuest right now and get Doom3Quest with instructions at You’ll need to purchase a copy of Doom 3 from Steam, which is $4.99 at the time of this writing. The mod WILL NOT work for the BFG edition of the game, so make sure to get the version I linked here.

Doom3Quest launches without some key features that Brown, aka Dr Beef, and his team are planning to add in an updated version. For example, there’s no teleport in the game yet and no two-handed weapons. Those and other features like comfort vignetting during movement are planned to arrive in updates but “we have decided to release a very playable version rather than delay for longer trying to include as much as possible,” according to the modding team.

From the team:

“Doom3Quest is the result of months of dedicated work by Team Beef (Dr. Beef, BaggyG and Bummser). Enthusiasm for VR is what drives us. We also wanna thank Emile Belanger for his incredible multi-threaded android port and the Fully Possessed team for their excellent VR Features which we worked hard on to bring over to Quest. We hope you like and enjoy the result as much as we do. See you in Hell!”

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