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Celebrating 5 Years With The SideQuest Indie Spotlight

Celebrating 5 Years With The SideQuest Indie Spotlight

This sponsored post was produced by UploadVR in partnership with SideQuest Ltd.

Save the date! SideQuest officially turns five years old and is celebrating the milestone anniversary with the SideQuest Indie Spotlight on May 23rd, 2024, at 10am PST. The spotlight, which will go live on the SideQuest YouTube channel, intends to acknowledge developers and content creators within the virtual reality community while recognizing the importance of sideloading for the industry. 

Last winter, SideQuest celebrated the best indie VR games in a similar event, working with Upload VR to spread the word. This year, however, the SideQuest team expects the event to be even bigger and include more announcements, cameos, and gaming spotlights.

In addition to commemorating VR devs and creators, this summer’s SideQuest Indie Spotlight will showcase a list of VR games from several categories. These top picks are chosen and voted on by the SideQuest team and include other emerging apps on the platform that provide an immersive experience and unique sideload-only content that can be found on the platform. 

The SideQuest Indie Spotlight aims to cover various topics and comes with a special message directly from the SideQuest founders, Shane and Orla Harris, and the creator of Custom Homes. Participants can expect to hear key updates from SideQuest over the last five years, news about the SideQuest X Creature Indie VR Fund, Banter VR, and a peek at the website’s new look. 

The Spotlight was pre-recorded in Banter VR, which is the social VR sandbox app initially released by SideQuest in April 2023. Join the watch party directly in Banter VR - just download the free app on SideQuest.

There will also be updates about the SideKick verified reviewer program with special appearances by existing SideKicks and YouTube content creators. The SideKicks will be giving personal game recommendations, and viewers will be able to hear specially recorded messages from SideQuest game developers (and yes, there will be some interesting announcements).

Participants can win keys to the games showcased in the main Spotlight segment and even have the opportunity to win brand-new Quest 3 headsets. SideQuest designed exclusive merch that is only available as prizes during the event. For the chance to win, head to the Giveaways page after the show goes live to get in on the goods.

If you’re wondering how to get SideQuest, you’re in luck! To get started, head over to the How-To page, create an account (if you haven’t already), and you’ll see a few different ways to sideload the content you’re interested in via the Web Installer or the Advanced Installer.

Are you curious about SideQuest and its upcoming developments and achievements? We’ve made it easy for you! Check out their socials on Facebook, X, TikTok, Instagram, Reddit, and YouTube. Join the Discord server and follow the official blog to get to know the SideQuest team and community.

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