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Smash Drums Announces a Brand New Environment Exclusively for Meta Quest

Smash Drums Announces a Brand New Environment Exclusively for Meta Quest

This post was produced by UploadVR in partnership with PotamWorks SAS as part of their UVRSS24 Sponsorship.

Rockstars, grab your headset and your virtual drumsticks because it’s time to make some noise! Smash Drums, the main sponsor of UVRSS24, is back with a brand-spanking-new environment - the Free Frickin’ Rock Show™️ (not really ™️, jk). Think you can keep up? Check out the main showcase trailer below:

Play solo in VR and immerse yourself in a light show that not only syncs with the music but also with player performance. The lights can also sync up with any song that’s already been released in Smash Drums. Bang away at the drums all day, and when you just can’t bang anymore, simply raise your arms and your adoring crowd will meet you with waves and cheers.

Mixed reality stole the spotlight at UVRSS24, so it’s only fitting that Smash Drums would have its own MR announcement. Playing solo in mixed reality sets players up with a dynamic lighting system that kits out the walls in whatever room they’re playing in, syncing with the light show. Imagine your living room taken over by the sweet, sweet sound of, well, really frickin’ loud music.


Tired of slinging sticks solo? Hop into the new 8-player Rock Show arena that offers similar lighting techniques that sync with the music you’re rocking out to. And if you’re the best of the bunch, you know, the leading player in the arena, additional light show elements and fireworks will pop up, updating results in real-time. 

If you thought you’d seen everything you need to know about Smash Drums, you’d be wrong. Plain and simple. Don’t believe us? VR drummers can expect a Pop Rock Legends DLC set to hit the Meta Quest store exclusively on July 8th, 2024. Still not enough? Well, get ready for yet another pack that’s set to drop later this year. Now that’s something to look forward to, right?


Want to stay in the loop about everything Smash Drums has to offer? Follow them on X and YouTube, and be sure to check out the official Discord server for the latest and greatest from this high-energy rhythm game. Are you ready to rock?

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