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Discover KAIJU DECODE - Super Multiverse MR - On Meta Quest

Discover KAIJU DECODE - Super Multiverse MR - On Meta Quest

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Dive into a new arcade-style action adventure with KAIJU DECODE - super multiverse MR -, inspired by the popular anime series of the same name. From Gugenka Inc. and in collaboration with Tsuburaya Productions and Toei Animation, the wall between reality and fantasy breaks down and invites monsters, or kaiju, right into your play space. 

According to game lore, monsters from across the multiverse appear from their dimension in the real world due to a faulty singularity point. In an effort to repair the universe, players must couple up with The Guardian, named UKU, to fight The Transcendental Warriors that have taken over. 

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As a mixed reality experience, players should find their favorite spot to play, ensure a desk or table is available, and then choose from two game modes – Standard and Challenge. In Standard mode, on top of brawling with the kaiju, players are assigned a navigator named Clarisse (voiced by Hitomi Kikuchi), who will guide the experience and help out along the way. 

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In Challenge mode, players choose their preferred monster and compete for the highest score within the expected time limit. Join a global community of players and motivate yourself by comparing your high scores with those of other players. Think you can make it to the top of the leaderboard? 

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Another plus about Challenge Mode is that players can head to the Music menu to see three members of the popular group Satellite perform songs and dances behind the monsters. The levels get progressively more difficult as you advance in the game, and attacking at the right time leads to higher scores.

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Fans of the original Kaiju Decode series will appreciate seeing characters from various works of Tsuburaya Productions and Toei Animation, such as Arhan, NewArhan from “Expelled from Paradise,” MukuMuku and BaranderV from “Fireman,” Redmons from “Mirrorman, and Gaiking from “Dino Mech Gaiking.”

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Are you interested in learning more about KAIJU DECODE - super multiverse MR -? Stay in the loop by following the team on X and checking out the official KAIJU DECODE website. The game is available on the Meta Quest platform and is compatible with the Quest 2, 3, and Pro. 

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