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ICYMI This Week: Horizon Forbidden West VR Mod, Zenith, Pimax & More

ICYMI This Week: Horizon Forbidden West VR Mod, Zenith, Pimax & More

Seeking this week's major VR games and hardware stories? Here's our latest news roundup.

It's been a quieter week for VR hardware, though a few developments remain worth noting. The Quest v64 system software update introduced improved passthrough quality, external microphone support and more, Google is promising AR announcements at I/O next month, Apple Vision Pro now has Spatial Personas, while our analysis suggests PC VR usage on Steam has grown.

For VR gaming, we went hands-on with Max Mustard, Swarm 2 and Silent Slayer. Clap Hanz revealed Ultimate Swing Golf, Beat Saber got a hip-hop mixtape, PowerWash Simulator VR received the SpongeBob SquarePants DLC and Homeworld: Vast Reaches adapts the RTS series for VR. We also learned more about EA Sports WRC, Nope Challenge, VRIDER, Riven, EXOcars, Sky Climb, Breachers, Toy Trains and Arcade Paradise VR.

You can find our full coverage here. For everything else, these are our top five VR news stories we originally missed:

Horizon Forbidden West Gets Unofficial PC VR Mod

Following his work on Horizon Zero Dawn VR, modder Luke Ross has released a new unofficial VR mod for Horizon Forbidden West after last month's PC release. Using the R.E.A.L. VR mod injector, it supports first-person and third-person gameplay and that's only available if you subscribe to his Patreon.

After The Fall Receives Nightfall Update With New Horde Maps & Weapons

Post-apocalyptic shooter After The Fall received a major content update in its 1.9 'Nightfall' patch. That includes three new Horde maps converted from the PvP modes, a new hunting rifle with armor-piercing rounds, updates to the UI and new progression system changes.

Pimax Frontier Teases New Hardware Reveals Next Week

Pimax will host its Frontier presentation next week. On the YouTube page, the company describes this event as an "annual keynote in which we reveal & release new products," which suggests there could be new reveals incoming. That goes live at 11am PDT on April 15.

Alta Studio Teased A New 'Dark Fantasy' VR Game Codenamed Project 2

Studio Alta, best known for its open-world RPG A Township Tale, teased its next project with a brief trailer. While platforms and a release window remain unconfirmed, Project 2 is described as a “dark fantasy game” exclusive to VR headsets that appears to be a multiplayer dungeon crawler.

Zenith: Infinite Realms Introduces The Frostrealm In Season 2

Following the Zenith: Nexus relaunch, which combined the paid The Last City VRMMO with a new co-op mode, Season 2 is now live for Infinite Realms. That introduces three new Adventure Gate layout, three new Pandowl Gate Winter Biome layouts, new cosmetics, additional lightning elemental skill tree branches and more.

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