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Tactical VR Shooter Breachers Adds Ranked Competitive Mode

Tactical VR Shooter Breachers Adds Ranked Competitive Mode

Breachers' major update adds the much anticipated Competitive Mode today on all platforms.

One of the biggest post-launch updates yet following the Arctic and Ship maps, Breachers introduced a ranked competitive mode that begins with Season Zero. Previously detailed in a deep dive, you can play alone or with a team and you'll earn your initial rank after five placement matches. That's split into the following tiers - Bronze 1-3, Silver 1-3, Gold 1-3, Platinum 1-3, Diamond 1-3, Master, Grand Master and Global Champion.

Reaching the next rank unlocks new weapon skins while progressing to the next tier of your current rank earns extra credits. However, you only begin unlocking rewards after completing 30 competitive matches. Developer Triangle Factory confirms there's also a season bonus of 250 extra credits if you complete 50 competitive matches.

If you quit early during a match, Breachers stops you from joining other matches until that previous competitive match is finished, though you can rejoin. Gradually increasing penalties will be applied with every offence, and being disconnected for over 10 minutes sees a larger skill point deduction. If someone leaves your team before the second round, you can cancel without losing skill points. Surrender votes can also be initiated after round two, though that will impact skill points.

We praised Breachers in last year's review, and today's update addresses our biggest criticism about the lack of a competitive mode. At the time, we believed it delivered a "polished tactical shooter" with "satisfying gunplay."

Breachers is a fine effort that delivers on its promise, offering a thrilling tactical VR shooter with satisfying gunplay. Securing victories with carefully planned strategies feels immensely satisfying with friends in co-op... If you’ve been seeking a Rainbow Six: Siege or Counter-Strike experience in VR, I believe Breachers has a strong future ahead.

Breachers is available now on the Meta Quest platform, Pico, PSVR 2 and PC VR.

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