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Breachers Introduces New Bomb Defusal & Control Point Map

Breachers Ship Map

The latest Breachers update is now available, adding a new Bomb Defusal and Control Point map.

Simply called 'Ship,' this map features an ESTF transport vessel believed to be carrying a dangerous payload. You can see the map in action below, but that's not all. Detailed in a Discord server dev log, this new Breachers update includes economy changes, balance adjustments and bug fixes to the 5v5 tactical shooter. Triangle Factory has also implemented moderation changes through ToxMod.

Released in April, this marks another major update for Breachers following last month's introduction to Control Point. "In this game mode, enforcers and revolters have access to the exact same weapons and gadgets, while both teams will fight to hold designated rooms to gain points," said Triangle Factory at the time. In June, a separate minor update added party queueing and a revamped Friends Menu,

Breachers is available now on Quest 2, Pico and PC VR platforms.

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