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Breachers Adds Party System & Bot Takeover In New Update

Breachers party queue update trailer screenshot

Tactical shooter Breachers received a free update making it easier to squad up with friends on Quest, Pico and PC VR.

Released in April, Breachers is a 5v5 multiplayer team-based shooter from Hyper Dash developers Triangle Factory. The team announced party queueing is now available, letting you manage party invites through a revamped Friends Menu. This also includes a 'Bot Takeover' feature, letting dead players take over AI units on your team. You can watch both new additions in action below:

"One of the most popular suggestions from all of you, was to introduce a party system into Breachers to make squadding up and playing with friends easier. You asked for it, so we deliver," says Wesley Caessens, Triangle Factory's Community Manager "Alongside the party system, this update also introduces the ability to take over bots and brings recoil improvements to the game."

We had high praise for Breachers in our recommended review. Though we criticized the lack of a competitive mode, we believed it offered a "polished tactical shooter" that delivers "satisfying gunplay."

Breachers is a fine effort that delivers on its promise, offering a thrilling tactical VR shooter with satisfying gunplay. Securing victories with carefully planned strategies feels immensely satisfying with friends in co-op... If you’ve been seeking a Rainbow Six: Siege or Counter-Strike experience in VR, I believe Breachers has a strong future ahead.

Breachers is available now on Quest 2, Pico and PC VR platforms.

Breachers Review - Straight Shooting
Breachers brings a new 5v5 team-based FPS to Quest, Pico and PC VR. Offering a polished tactical shooter reminiscent of Rainbow Six Siege, here’s our full review:

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