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Breachers Introduces 'Control Point' Mode In Major Update

Breachers steam screenshot

Breachers adds a new 'Control Point' mode in a major update on Quest, PC VR and Pico.

"In this game mode, enforcers and revolters have access to the exact same weapons and gadgets, while both teams will fight to hold designated rooms to gain points," says Triangle Factory on Discord. Playable on the Factory, Hideout, and Skyscraper maps, the team confirms Control Point will also be playable "on the new map we’re still working on for a future update."

While Control Point is the biggest addition, this latest update also introduces an "improved voting menu" and reticle customization, which includes different color presets and size options. New balancing changes were also introduced, alongside gameplay fixes and optimizations. You can find a thorough breakdown here.

Released back in April, this marks the first major Breachers update. A minor patch released last month, making it easier to squad up with friends through a party queueing system and revamped Friends Menu, while a new 'Bot Takeover' feature lets dead players take over AI units on your team.

Breachers is available now on Quest 2, Pico and PC VR platforms.

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