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Arcade Paradise VR Enters Your Living Room On Quest

Arcade Paradise VR

Arcade Paradise VR turns laundromats into arcades today on Quest.

A light management sim set in 1993, Arcade Paradise VR is a retro arcade adventure previously released on flatscreen platforms. Playing as Ashley in the town of Grindstone, you're tasked with managing a disused laundromat through gamified chores. With your hard-earned profits, you'll gradually convert it into a fully-fledged arcade with up to 39 playable arcade games.

We've known for some time that Arcade Paradise VR will include exclusive content for this adaptation. Featuring 12 "fully realized" VR cabinets while the remaining 27 use more traditional controls, the Quest release includes 'Future Home: Enter Reality,' a mixed reality mode that lets you place multiple arcade cabinets across your living space.

Arcade Paradise VR is available today on the Meta Quest platform for $19.99, and we'll be sharing our impressions soon.

How Arcade Paradise VR Adapts The Business Sim For Quest
Arcade Paradise VR drops a new gameplay trailer, and we interviewed the creative director to learn more:

Notice: This article was initially published on February 29, 2024. It was updated on April 8 and April 25 to reflect the game's release date confirmation and subsequent launch.

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