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Riven's Remake Is Bringing Back The Original Creative Team

Riven's Remake Is Bringing Back The Original Creative Team

Riven's VR remake reunites the original creative team, with Cyan Worlds co-founder Robyn Miller returning as the soundtrack composer.

After leaving Cyan Worlds in 1998, studio co-founder Robyn Miller is collaborating with Cyan once again for the upcoming Riven remake. Alongside his brother and fellow co-founder Rand Miller, they're joined by Richard Vander Wende, Riven's original co-director and the remake's game director. The trio recently discussed their experiences in a roundtable discussion, which you can watch below.

This isn't the first time we've seen Robyn Miller return to collaborate with Cyan Worlds. He also appeared as a character and composed the soundtrack for 2016's Obduction, an adventure game that serves as a spiritual successor to Myst and Riven. To celebrate today's news, Cyan also released a new untitled music track from the upcoming remake.

“I attempted to evoke the sounds of the original soundtrack but I was writing for an environment that is unique and stands apart from the original Riven," says Robyn Miller in a prepared statement. "This piece had to live up to that and, in a way, speak a different musical language.”

Riven reaches Steam with optional PC VR support this year.

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