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Free-To-Play VRMMO Zenith: Nexus Relaunches Today

Free-To-Play VRMMO Zenith: Nexus Relaunches Today

Zenith: Nexus relaunches the VRMMO today with a new free-to-play mode, Infinite Realms.

Revealed earlier this month, Zenith: Nexus is the new collective name that combines the paid The Last City VRMMO and a new co-op mode, Infinite Realms. Describing the latter as a season-based procedural action-adventure RPG, Infinite Realms adds a revamped locomotion system and redesigned social playground, using the City Plaza as your main hub.

Detailed on a blog, Ramen VR confirms Infinite Realms lets you explore different worlds via Iron, Silver, and Pandowl gates, rewarding you for taking down more enemy mobs on each run. Weekly rotations are planned for Iron and Silver gates, while Pandowl rotates daily. XP earned between sessions is shared across your group, while mob difficulty levels will scale based on your level.

Elsewhere, Infinite Realms promises revamped player abilities. "With a flick of your wrist, unleash Tempest Blades, a razor-sharp disk made of pure energy. Unlock the fire and ice modifiers in your skill tree for more powerful strikes," states the studio. There's also a new parkour-based traversal system, letting you jump, rail grind, slide and climb across worlds.

It's a big change for the VRMMO, which launched in 2022. Last month, Ramen VR confirmed Zenith, which doesn't use a subscription model like many MMOs, was running at a loss, stating this update is designed to make Zenith "a sustainable development project." However, the news hasn't been entirely well received by the community. On Steam, recent user reviews currently rate it at "very negative."

Zenith: Nexus arrives today on Quest and PC VR, with the PSVR 2 release date currently unknown. While Infinite Realms is free-to-play, The Last City is now purchasable as DLC, and existing owners will retain access and progress.

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