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Zenith: Nexus Rebrand Gives The VRMMO A Free-To-Play Co-Op Mode

Zenith: Nexus Rebrand Gives The VRMMO A Free-To-Play Co-Op Mode

Zenith: Nexus splits the game into two modes, adding a new free-to-play co-op RPG alongside the existing paid The Last City VRMMO.

Following last month's news that Zenith: The Last City is running at a loss, developer Ramen VR confirmed it's introducing some big changes to make the game more sustainable. Zenith: Nexus is the new collective name for the paid The Last City VRMMO and an upcoming new free-to-play co-op mode, Infinite Realms.

Infinite Realms is described as a procedural action-adventure co-op RPG with a revamped locomotion system, redesigned social playground and more. The update also introduces 'Zennies,' a new virtual currency system, and a small cosmetic shop with seasonal content. While Ramen states more details will be unveiled in the coming days, here's a look at traversal:


As for The Last City, Ramen states it's "not going anywhere" and will become purchasable as DLC at the same price. The blog confirms all existing players will retain your access and progress, while the studio is "thinking of ways to reward those who played The Last City before Infinite Realms launches."

Existing Zenith players can also exclusively boost your first Infinite Realms character to match your character level in The Last City. Ramen also confirms that current players can redeem the first paid cosmetic on the store for free.

Zenith is available on Meta QuestPSVR 2, and PC VR.

VRMMO Zenith: The Last City Is Running At A Loss
VRMMO Zenith: The Last City hasn’t been profitable for “the better part” of a year:

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