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Wallace & Gromit's 62 West Wallaby Street Revealed In Walkabout Mini Golf

Wallace & Gromit's 62 West Wallaby Street Revealed In Walkabout Mini Golf

Later this summer you can play mini golf through Wallace & Gromit's home at 62 West Wallaby Street in Walkabout.

Revealed first globally during the UploadVR Summer Showcase, development studio Mighty Coconut and Wallace & Gromit's creators at Aardman revealed a first glimpse at the gadget-filled address as it'll appear in Walkabout Mini Golf.

“We know fans will absolutely love playing this unique course, seeing West Wallaby street brought to life as a wonderful Walkabout Mini-golf experience," studio Aardman told UploadVR. "As Wallace would say, ‘It’s a hole in one! Oh, and mind me windows!’”

Wallace & Gromit x Walkabout


For the UploadVR Summer Showcase, Mighty Coconut and Aardman revealed a glimpse at the mini golf course version of Wallace & Gromit's gadget-filled home at 62 West Wallaby Street. The brief glimpse includes the voice of Wallace, Ben Whitehead, for the clip and he can be heard in-game as well.

Walkabout Mini Golf For Quest, PC VR, PSVR 2, Pico & iOS

Walkabout Mini Golf is one of VR's best games and holds a top spot on our best VR gaming list of all time on any platform it supports. It features extensive cross-platform multiplayer support with private room codes, guest passes for DLC courses, as well as reliably inventive paid DLC content and top-tier partnerships.

From its 2020 release, development studio Mighty Coconut created an experience that represents mini golf with pinpoint physics that simultaneously leaves behind physical limits. A Pocket Edition is in development for iPhone and course partnerships include Jim Henson's Labyrinth, Myst, Meow Wolf, Wallace & Gromit, and Elvis Presley. There are long-lost cities like Atlantis and Temple At Zerzura to explore, unexpected surprises to play through in home-grown concepts like Upside Town and Widow's Walkabout, plus nostalgic walks through familiar stories in Jules Verne adaptations deep inside the Earth, high in the sky, and inside the Nautilus. You can even take a trip to Venice.

There's hidden balls to find on each hole and a night mode to unlock for more challenging play. The most engaged Walkabout players will even find themselves on "fox hunt" puzzling taking them across areas adjacent to the course, like across the full-size labyrinth, Paris in 1899, or vast Sahara desert. Take a course tour to explore the design on our YouTube playlist embedded above, or check out the game directly on the Quest Store, Steam Store, or PlayStation Store.

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