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Journey To The Center Of The Earth Now Available For Walkabout Mini Golf

Journey To The Center Of The Earth Now Available For Walkabout Mini Golf
Journey To The Center Of The Earth in Walkabout Mini Golf.

Walkabout Mini Golf's latest course takes you on a Journey To The Center Of The Earth.

The latest release in Mighty Coconut's Jules Verne series of paid add-on courses features 18 holes of vertigo-inducing underground cave exploration. There's a new game mechanic here with undulating waves ready to sweep away your ball as you find your way along the Walkabout path.

You can take a tour of the new course in the video below with Mighty Coconut's founder and lead creator Lucas Martell.

Night mode of the course can be unlocked by finding 10 hidden balls or scoring under par during the day. The harder version of the course turns out the lights and gives players flashlights to use and we're looking forward to checking it out both during gameplay and in the game's built in god mode.

In case you're unfamiliar with Walkabout Mini Golf, the game is available on Quest, Steam, and the PlayStation Store. You can use room codes to share rounds with players across all VR platforms, with guest passes sharing access to DLC courses like Myst, Upside Town, and Atlantis. There's hidden balls to find on each hole and night mode features more challenging play and other surprises.

Here's the launch trailer for Journey To The Center Of The Earth.

Mighty Coconut previously released 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea designed by former Disney Imagineer Don Carson and Around The World In 80 Days is still forthcoming to close out the Jules Verne Series. We've been building out a collection of tours of every course in the playlist below offering an in-depth look at the details of designing one of VR's best games.

Mighty Coconut recently increased the price of new DLC courses to $3.99 and the studio is planning a huge slate of future add-ons. This summer the game is scheduled to launch with iOS support for iPhones and featuring cross-play against VR platforms.

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