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Upside Town: See Walkabout’s Wild New Gravity Mini Golf Course

Upside Town: See Walkabout’s Wild New Gravity Mini Golf Course

The developers of Walkabout Mini Golf are taking a bigger swing with their latest Upside Town course design toying with gravity.

In a city that seems drawn from Inception, Doctor Strange, or even The Matrix, Walkabout’s new course is now available for $3.99 as an add-on to the game on Quest, Pico, Steam, and soon PSVR 2.

Like all Walkabout courses, if you score under par during the day you unlock a harder version of the course that plays very differently. We walked through the course during the day with Mighty Coconut’s head and original Walkabout creator Lucas Martell pointing to highlights of the design.

Upside Town Course Design

Gravity shifts for the ball in Upside Town but not for the player, Martell explains in our tour video embedded above. When combined with art choices like sunlight casting at a consistent angle across the buildings, the effect is a comfortable gravity playground with a continuous “walkabout path” from hole 1 in the subway to hole 18 on a crane overlooking the city.

“You’re always standing on the ground,” Martell says. “So the entire level, even though the holes might be up above you or on walls, it’s always something that you’ll still have your feet on solid ground and you can still walkabout this course and explore it just like you would any other course.”

Upside Town features rectilinear spaces to move through from a courtyard at the ground level to a hole in a museum gallery and a cafe that might bring to mind Central Perk from Friends. Like Walkabout’s last DLC Atlantis this course also includes interactive animals, though they aren’t rideable here.

“We love this course. We also know that it’s not going to be for everyone,” Martell says. “The next couple of courses are gonna be more in that classic mini-golf vein, but it also feels like we’re getting to that point now where we’ve got enough courses out that we feel like it’s okay to take a couple of big swings and try something that’s totally new.”

We’re continuing to tour through the design evolution in Walkabout Mini Golf with its creators. We’ll have coverage of the latest updates with the game and if you want to follow along with future tour videos be sure to bookmark the playlist embedded below or subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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