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Gorn Quest vs PSVR vs PC VR Graphics Comparison

Gorn Quest vs PSVR vs PC VR Graphics Comparison

One of VR’s best-selling games is on its way to Quest next week. Free Lives’ Gorn finally takes on Facebook’s standalone and, as per usual, it spares no prisoners. See what’s in store in our Gorn graphics comparison!

In Gorn, you have to survive a deadly series of arena gladiator fights to please your emperor. As we’ve already seen on PSVR and PC VR, this results in some brilliantly bloody affairs – the game’s physics system and over-the-top violence provide endless amounts of hilarity. But can that all really hold up on Quest?

In short: yes.

Gorn Graphics Comparison

Now, before you watch our Gorn graphics comparison, do keep in mind that the game randomizes a lot of its factors like enemy placement etc so it’s tough to get things to match up exactly and, when we talk about a few differences, don’t forget this could be a factor too.

But all three versions of the game — the PSVR and Quest version of which were ported with the help of 24 Bit Games — hold up very nicely. On Quest, the game’s cartoonish art style helps to retain a lot of the visuals and, crucially, none of the gory physics and dismemberment have been lost, at least from what we’ve played.

You will spot some things on Quest, though. The floating heads in the seating above have been scaled back, for one. Most notable is the lack of blood in the Quest release – it cakes weapons on both PC VR and PSVR and paints the arena on PC too, but it’s very much dialled down Quest. We also spotted less enemies in the arena at once during the free-for-all fight; PC VR gets up to five enemies at times.

These are, however, all very understandable concessions that don’t hold Gorn back from playing best on Quest. If you’ve been holding back on this one until the wire was removed, it’s definitely time to jump in. It’s out  next week on January 28th on the Oculus Store. If you want more Quest gameplay, we’ve got 12 minutes right here.

What did you make of our Gorn graphics comparison? Let us know in the comments below!

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