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PSVR 2 vs PC VR Specs Comparison - Index, Reverb G2, Vive Pro 2

PSVR 2 vs PC VR Specs Comparison - Index, Reverb G2, Vive Pro 2

We’ve compared Sony’s newest VR headset to three of the most popular PC VR headsets out there today. How does it stack up? Find out in our PSVR 2 vs PC VR specs comparison!

A few weeks back we compared the recently-released PSVR 2 specs with those for the Quest 2 and the few bits of info we know about Project Cambria. But PSVR 2 will also face stiff competition from a range of established PC VR devices, and those that want only the graphically richest, most demanding VR experiences will be looking to make a choice in this arena (unless they’re not already streaming over Air Link, that is).

For this comparison, then, we’ve chosen three of the best-known PC VR headsets on the market today. That includes Valve’s flagship SteamVR headset, the Index, HP’s high resolution Windows MR-branded Reverb G2 and HTC’s latest PC VR powerhouse, the Vive Pro 2. We haven’t included discontinued headsets like the Oculus Rift S or devices that are aiming for the very top of the enthusiast market, like the Varjo Aero.

With that in mind, let’s get to the specs!

PSVR 2 vs PC VR Spec Comparison

Specs PSVR 2 Valve Index HP Reverb G2 HTC Vive Pro 2
Format Wired connection to console Wired connection to PC Wired connection to PC Wired connection to PC (wireless add-on available)
Price TBA $999 full kit, $499 headset-only $599 full kit $1399 full kit, $749 headset-only
Display Per Eye 2000×2040 1440 x 1600 2160 x 2160 2448 x 2448
HDR? Yes No No No
Refresh Rate 90Hz/120Hz 90Hz/120Hz/144Hz 90Hz 90Hz/120Hz
Lens Type TBA Dual-element canted fresnel  Dual-element canted fresnel Dual-element fresnel
Lens Separation Adjustable (specifics TBA) Adjustable Adjustable Adjustable
Tracking Type 4 camera inside-out Outside-in via 2 – 4 SteamVR base stations 4 camera inside-out Outside-in via 2 – 4 SteamVR base stations
Eye Tracking? Yes No No (but high-end Omnicept edition does) No (available via add-on)
Hand Tracking? No No No Yes
Headset Vibration Yes No No No
Microphone? Yes Yes Yes Yes
Audio Headphone jack Integrated headphones Integrated headphones Integrated headphones
Controllers Bundled Sense controllers with buttons, sticks, capacitive touch sensors, haptic feedback (single actuator per unit), trigger resistance  Optionally bundled Valve Index controllers with touch sensing for all fingers/thumbs, sticks, buttons, triggers, trackpad (Vive wand compatible also) Bundled Windows MR controllers with sticks, buttons, triggers, grip Optionally bundled Vive wands with trackpad, triggers, grips (Valve Index controllers compatible also)

And that’s our PSVR 2 vs PC VR spec comparison. Does Sony’s spec sheet interest you enough to go the PS5 route? Or are there other headsets you’re waiting on? Let us know in the comments below!

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