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Fracked Graphics Comparison - PSVR vs PC VR!

Fracked’s new PC VR version releases tomorrow. How does it stack up next to the original? Find out in our Fracked graphics comparison!

When Fracked first released on PSVR in the summer of 2021 it offered a rare tailor-made experience for the platform. Developer nDreams not only designed the shooter around the limitations of the troublesome Move controllers but also employed a gorgeous comic book art style that played to the limited graphical power of the PS4 running in VR.

Fracked Graphics Comparison

Now that Fracked’s on PC, it doesn’t have to worry about those restraints. But, truth be told, the game was already so polished on PSVR that there isn’t much room to refine the presentation without significantly overhauling the visual style. What we get here, then, is an undeniably sharper version of the game, but often in ways you’d have to really dig in deep to see. Check out the video above for a look at what we mean.

Sure, vistas are blurrier on PSVR and the dark, defined lines of the art style come out better on PC, but when you’re in the heat of battle it’s tough to tell the difference. You will notice longer loading times in the PSVR version for sure, but other than that performance seems to be about the same.

Perhaps if there’s ever a Quest version of the game then we’ll get to see some major differences but, for now, you’ll find a great version of Fracked whether you’re playing on PC or console. Are you going to be picking up the new version of the game this week? Let us know in the comments below!

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