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The World's Largest WebVR Hackathon Is Launching Online This November

The World's Largest WebVR Hackathon Is Launching Online This November

You can do anything online these days. From ordering food, to obtaining a college degree, to catfishing strangers to pay for that food and college degree; the Internet truly is a magical place.

With so much readily available on the world wide web it makes you wonder why anything should not be obtainable via a decent computer and a solid ethernet connection. Nothing should be outside of our reach as we dive into this nirvana of ones, zeroes, and cats. This applies to getting a pizza and posting as vrycutgrl97give$$$plz on social media, but it is also something that should apply to the emerging industry that is virtual reality.

Mozilla's WebVR platform, MozVR, l
Mozilla’s WebVR platform, MozVR.

WebVR is the term used for a javascript API that can run directly through an Internet browser to open and run VR experiences anywhere with wifi. Many people believe it is the most powerful tool the VR scene has for spreading its message of immersive delights to new believers around the world.

Today, the “sandbox for creative developers,” Virtuleap, is announcing a WebVR hackathon to kickstart this new medium with some top quality content. The hack will be held completely online and it is being put on in conjunction with several technology partners including Mozilla, Microsoft, and Google. Helping to launch the event are Upload, The Next Web, and StartupAmsterdam


The contest will begin on November 1st and teams will be able to submit their WebVR projects over a ninety day period. Submissions close on February 1st. The prizes, courtesy of StartupAmsterdam are a smattering of globe-trotting-goodies, themed as full-blown adventures that fly out the winning teams to the innovation capital of Europe, Amsterdam.

The prizes include include €30K (around $32,000 USD) cash and a slot in the first VR accelerator in Europe, VRBASE. There is also a 3-month internship program at one of the largest VR studios in Europe, Force Field VR. These trips will be all inclusive, and you know what that means…


So grab your team, get your gear, and let’s see what you’ve got. The future of VR is in your hands! The power…


…is YOURS! 

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