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UploadVR Showcase: Summer 2024 Final Deadline Announcement

UploadVR Showcase: Summer 2024 Final Deadline Announcement

To view the onesheet click HERE.

We’re lining up a large number of virtual reality and mixed reality gaming updates for the UploadVR Showcase: Summer 2024 to run during the last week of June.

Working with the editorial team, we’ve decided to set our deadlines as follows:

Fill out our initial form by May 27th to let us know you’re interested in, or planning to, submit an original video to us with content inside of it about your game that will be exclusively revealed first during the UploadVR Showcase in the last week of June. Whether the newest App Lab concept or biggest update to an existing VR game ever, we’ll need all finished videos in by June 10th.

The June 10th deadline is a challenging one for some. To provide the best show to our viewers and partners possible, we think originality and early access is what’s most interesting to the widest set of viewers right now. That means we’re looking for impactful gameplay ideas contained in footage that’s 1080P at 60 FPS, including polished trailers for upcoming titles as well as short videos showing cool new interactions in a demo viewers can try immediately.

In all likelihood, your video may not be included if we receive and changes or updates after June 10th. We encourage developers to submit again in a later event if we can’t fit your video or trailer into this Showcase, and you can always reach out with interesting information and videos to for our staff to consider for coverage. You can also reach out to me directly via to discuss marketing or sponsorship opportunities as well.

In April, we opened up entries for the next Showcase and have confirmed dozens of entries are conditionally accepted as we’ve been responding to entrants and looking through their initial information to assess whether they might be a good fit. We’ve seen a lot of cool things in the works in pure VR gaming, but also in new hand tracking-focused mixed reality games that use your environment in ways no games really have before.

Thank you to everyone who has submitted their applications so far, to our members and patrons for supporting UploadVR’s work in general, and for those pledging to sponsor this show directly. Below you will find updated information about the showcase this summer and how to apply to participate! 

You can apply as a sponsor or a participant by going to:

Showcase Week

We are targeting our showcase for the final week of June 2024, likely mid-week. We will announce the exact start time and date as well as our first confirmed partners when we finish accepting videos.

How Do I Watch The Showcase?

Subscribe to our YouTube channel to get notified once it goes live, or follow us on social media to be sure to see updates.

How Do I Submit My Game to UploadVR?

Participating in the showcase is free, but we also accept sponsors to help support the event. To participate by submitting a game or to sponsor the showcase, please fill out the form at: or book a meeting with Beck to discuss.

How Does UploadVR Select Participants?

We are looking for originality, oddity, interest, and impact, and we aim to produce Showcases that mix unusual and interesting small-scale works from single creators with large-scale projects from well-known teams. Not all projects are a good fit for a specific Showcase, but we want to cast our net wide to provide our audience with a broad view of what's fun and interesting in VR, and we're open to future resubmissions.

We ask that you commit to placing an embargo on your content and that the video will be released first in the showcase, including any information it reveals. 

When Will I Know If My Application Or Video Was Accepted?

UploadVR is reviewing applications and videos as they come in and contacting applicants as soon as possible. We aim to build the showcase much sooner, which means being more strict about the deadline to submit final videos. The deadline to submit final videos is June 10th, 2024

We could remove a project from the lineup for a number of reasons, including the  quality of the video submitted to us and the possibility of misleading, outdated, or inaccurate information about the work. 

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