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Delve Into the Magical World of Drakheir

Delve Into the Magical World of Drakheir

This post was produced by UploadVR in partnership with YongHo Studio as part of their UVRSW23 Sponsorship.

Calling all heroes! Now is the time to stand up and fight against evil. In the mysterious Drakheir universe, nothing is as it seems. Wizardry and witchcraft enchant everything around you, and a determined dragon terrorizes the land. From YongHo Studio comes an immersive mission that puts magical powers right in your hands on Meta Quest. To spread the magic of hand tracking to a wider audience, the studio has just announced that Drakheir is available for free!  

In Drakheir, players don’t need to use traditional controllers because the game implements Meta Quest Hand Tracking 2.0 and is powered by UE5 Engine with a specialized rendering pipeline for all-in-one VR devices. There are over 40 distinct spells in your grasp that allow you to interact with the game physically. Don’t fumble around with extra hardware - attack enemies by mastering hand gestures and magical imprints for an immersive experience.

The gesture-based, roguelite RPG showcases a fantasy cartoon style that introduces several characters throughout gameplay. Some may make the journey easier with helpful tips and tricks or even offer conversation and downtime before the next attack. Others, like the three big bosses you’ll battle, will attempt to thwart your attempts at success. Just as there is a whole catalog of characters to meet, players can explore three realms and discover 20 game environments.

Just in time for the holidays, eager Drakheiriens can expect a special Christmas Edition this December. The update includes smoother hand-tracking abilities and combat physics effects, and since it was specifically optimized for Quest 3, there have been improvements to the in-game art and visuals. Two new added features to the story mode (the Active Summon Sage Functionality and the Random Appearance of the Merchant) offer additional currency-for-magic exchanges.

Endless Challenge Mode puts you in the middle of the action in a roguelike adventure where you must learn and use your new, frosty abilities progressively while battling adversaries. And Drakheir wouldn’t be the same without another mini-game with the Moles!

Introducing Snowfight, an enchanting winter spectacle where, after consuming magical pinecones, players shrink to the size of their mole friends. Dive into the snowy battlefield and join the moles in their annual Snowfight competition. Think you can triumph as the Snowfight King?

If you want to continue Drakheir's magical adventure at home, follow them on X, Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube, and join their Discord server for updates and new developments.

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