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UploadVR Summer Showcase Spotlights Mixed Reality Gaming On June 26

UploadVR Summer Showcase Spotlights Mixed Reality Gaming On June 26

We've got dozens of videos in hand for the UploadVR Summer Showcase featuring impressive new work from developers exploring funny, strange and wildly cool new ideas for headsets.

We can confirm Creature is planning to show up with several projects pulled together under Doug North Cook's new label. We'll have a look at Starship Home's mixed reality gameplay and Cubism developer Thomas Van Bouwel is offering a glimpse of Laser Dance mixed reality captured directly on a Quest 3 mounted to a stabilized gimbal.

Creature Unites Industry Veterans With New VR Game Studio
Creature is a new studio and label that’s uniting VR veterans. More info:

There's more from Creature too and we're planning to have an incredible game from them near the start of our show, which kicks off at 12 pm Pacific on June 26th. Our live pre-show will begin 2 hours earlier at 10 am Pacific on June 26th. North Cook carefully chose his development partners for Creature, and we believe at least one of their games will open minds to the idea that playing around in VR, or mixed reality, means something quite a bit different than it does on traditional gaming systems.

Walkabout Mini Golf also sent us one of the shortest videos in the Showcase that will also have some of the biggest impact. Across Walkabout's courses, we've explored Jim Henson's Labyrinth, visited Myst Island with Rand Miller, talked to twins in an airship docked to the Eiffel Tower, taken a trip to the mind-bending spaces of Meow Wolf and even swam with whales in Atlantis. 2025 holds Viva Last Elvis and whatever else Mighty Coconut is able to line up for mini golfing. This summer, though, they're working with famed animation studio Aardman to take mini golfers inside Wallace & Gromit's gadget-filled home, and the first glimpse is incoming to our Showcase.

Walkabout Mini Golf Plans Elvis Presley Course For 2025
Viva Las Elvis - Walkabout Mini Golf is planning a Vegas-inspired Elvis Presley course for 2025.

UploadVR Game Of The Year 2022 What The Bat is back too, with more of their silly spatial jokes, and there's an assortment of interesting mixed reality ideas in store from others as well. We've got so much more planned across mixed reality and VR games, and you can check back with for articles prepared on everything mentioned above the moment their video premieres during the show.

We encourage developers included in the event to brief others about their work under shared embargo timing from 10 am Pacific on June 26th. Thank you to Smash Drums for taking the lead in sponsoring the UploadVR Summer Showcase as well as to all our members and patrons for supporting UploadVR's work directly! Our Marketing Director Beck Gibson tells me there are still some sponsorship positions open for the live discussion before the event, and you can email to get in contact.

On UploadVR's YouTube Channel, where you can watch VR Download and our revamped VR Gamescast, our live pre-show will broadcast from the UploadVR Studios in the hours before the Summer Showcase. We'll be able to answer any questions about headsets and games in the same format as our weekly shows, while showing videos we couldn't fit into the main event.

While submissions are closed for the UploadVR 2024 Summer Showcase, and we must use the videos we have in hand in preparation for the event, we always encourage developers to email if you have interesting gameplay, trailers, or demos that we can look at for our ongoing coverage or a future UploadVR show.

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