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Creature Unites Industry Veterans With New VR Game Studio & Label

Creature Unites Industry Veterans With New VR Game Studio & Label

Creature unites VR industry veterans with a new development team that's focused on VR and MR gaming.

Established this January, Creature is led by Doug North Cook, former head of VR at Robot Teddy who previously worked on Among Us VR and The Last Clockwinder. Leading the studio's art direction is Ashley Pinnick (Tilt Brush), while Mark Schramm (Superhot VR, Gravity Lab) heads the engineering team and Chris Hanney (Space Pirate Trainer) is Director of Production. Abbey Cooper joins them as the COO and Rose Gerber is the Director of Marketing & Communications.

“We’ve built Creature to support artists, designers, and developers who we believe are creating experiences that unlock something new,” said Doug North Cook in a prepared statement. “I believe that operating with a focus on trust, transparency, honesty, and unrelenting quality is the way that we can push the industry in a more playful direction that creates room for developers to build sustainable studios that are able to focus on building their best work yet while we support them every step of the way.”

As for Creature's upcoming projects, the team is working with "several announced and unannounced" game studios across MR and VR gaming. That includes Funktronic Labs (The Light Brigade, Fujii), Thomas Van Bouwel (Cubism, Laser Dance) and Neat Corporation (Garden of the Sea, Budget Cuts Ultimate). Creature is also developing its own original MR game, which will be announced "at a later date."

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