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Steam Next Fest Features Chrono Hunter PC VR Demo

Steam Next Fest - October 2023 edition pc vr games

Steam Next Fest returns today with a renewed focus on upcoming games and plenty of PC VR demos.

Following two previous events this year, Steam Next Fest - October 2023 edition kicks off today. Featuring hundreds of demos with nearly 30 PC VR demos, options include Chrono Hunter, an adventure shooter game seen in this edition's official trailer. As a reminder, Demeo Battles also has a Next Fest demo but it's flatscreen-only.

There are a few familiar faces among this edition's line-up, such as Bootstrap Island, Dungeon Full Dive, Escape Simulator VR, Toy Trains and Peaky Blinders: The King's Ransom. Not all of them are presently downloadable and during our preview access, Steam stated 36 PC VR games but only showed 27.

You can find the full list on Steam but otherwise, here's every demo we've seen so far:

Steam Next Fest ends on October 16 at 10 am Pacific.

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