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Bootstrap Island Brings Robinson Crusoe Inspired Survival To PC VR Next Year

Bootstrap Island

Inspired by Robinson Crusoe, Bootstrap Island will bring a new PC VR survival game to Steam Early Access next year.

Developed by Estonian studio Maru VR, you find yourself shipwrecked on a mysterious 17th century tropical island.

"They must quickly learn to adapt and stay alive during intense sessions exploring for food, drink, and weapons; collecting materials to make fire; and surviving visits in the dark nights from ferocious beasts," explains Maru in a press release.

You can watch the trailer below:

“We are designing Bootstrap Island specifically for virtual reality, and focusing on creating immersive gameplay with a compelling narrative. Players will really feel like they have found themselves washed up on the shore of a classic storybook adventure", says Rein Zobel, the game's creative director, in a prepared statement.

Outlining more in a Discord FAQ, Maru VR reveals Bootstrap Island won't be coming to Quest. "While we don't rule out a Meta Quest version in the future, Bootstrap Island is designed with high fidelity VR in mind, for high performance platforms only," the FAQ explains. Maru also confirms there are currently no plans for co-op but says multiplayer "might come in the future."

Bootstrap Island targets a Steam Early Access release in Q1 2024, with a full release set for 2025. Alongside ongoing playtesting, a demo will be available during next month's Steam Next Fest.

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