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ICYMI This Week: World Of Warcraft VR Mod, Pavlov, Game Room & More

ICYMI This Week: World Of Warcraft VR Mod, Pavlov, Game Room & More

Searching for this week's biggest VR stories? Here's our latest news roundup.

With VR hardware, Pimax revealed two new wired PC VR headsets - Crystal Light and Crystal Super. Two undocumented features were discovered in Quest's v64 update. Meta discounted its Quest 2 accessories by 50%, while YouTube on Quest 3 now supports 8K 360° and 180° 3D videos. We also learned that OpenXR 1.1 moved extensions like foveated rendering into its core spec.

In VR gaming, we interviewed the Zombie Army VR developers alongside going hands-on with COLD VR, Umurangi Generation VR, Metacity Patrol and Escape Simulator VR. Micro Machines VR found a new home, Into The Radius 2 dropped a new trailer and Synth Riders got an 80s mixtape. We also covered stories about OhShape, Dr Who, The Light Brigade, Downtown Club, Strayed and plenty more.

Our full coverage is available here. For everything else, here are our top five VR news stories we previously missed:

World of Warcraft Receives VR Mod With Full 6DOF & Motion Controls

World of Warcraft, Blizzard's landmark MMORPG, received a VR mod last week that's only playable on private servers. Developed by Streetrat and Marulu, Flat2VR confirmed this supports switching between 1st and 3rd person gameplay, motion controls, directional audio and more. It covers up to Wrath of the Lich King's final patch and you can download that now via GitHub.

Dungeons Of Eternity's Next Update Adds Two-Handed Swords & Nightmare Mode


Dungeons of Eternity, the recipient of our 2023 best multiplayer VR game award, revealed what's coming in the next major update. Othergate confirms its adding two-handed swords, new localization options, a 'Nightmare' difficulty tier with the max player level being raised to 60 and bHaptics native support. This update will also introduce randomised loot and an additional 25+ rooms.

Dungeons Of Eternity Reveals Post-Launch Roadmap On Quest
Dungeons of Eternity’s post-launch roadmap includes solo DLC, offline play and endgame content.

Pavlov Gets Two New Maps And Updated Modkit

Pavlov has received two new maps on PSVR 2 and Steam in Update 30 - 'Autumn' is loosely based on Edinburgh in Scotland, while 'Carnival' takes us to an abandoned amusement park in Macedonia. A new iteration of Pavlov's modkit is also available, though Vankrupt Games is no longer pursuing mods on PS5 "due to circumstances beyond our control."

Game Room Introduces Checkers On Apple Vision Pro


One of the best Apple Vision Pro games currently available, Game Room from Resolution Games (Demeo) received a new board game in this week's update. Playable alone or with up to four players, Checkers marks the 7th available game alongside Solitaire, Chess, Hearts, Yacht, Sea Battle, and Flip It.

Clockpunk VR FPS Wisdom Watcher Adds Intro Mode & Assistant In Major Update

Wisdom Watcher, a clockpunk VR shooter previously released on Steam Early Access and Quest App Lab, received a major update this week. Space Whale confirmed there's now an introductory mode, new robotic assistant that guides your adventure, shields, rebalanced melee combat and more.

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