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Dungeons Of Eternity Plans Offline Mode, New Quests & More In Post-Launch Roadmap

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Dungeons of Eternity's post-launch roadmap includes solo DLC, offline play and endgame content.

Released last month, Dungeons of Eternity is a fantasy action RPG from Othergate Entertainment playable alone or in co-op. While the studio previously confirmed plans for content updates, it's now revealed a full post-launch roadmap that starts next month. December's update adds a new monster, additional dungeons, more weapons and cosmetics.

Across Spring and Summer 2024, Othergate will continue by introducing an offline mode, difficulty settings, achievements, game localization, endgame content, an arachnophobia mode and challenges. New monsters, bosses, dungeons, traps, weapon styles and themed cosmetic packs are also promised.

Finally, Fall and Winter 2024 adds a new quest mode and improvements to existing modes, alongside paid single-player DLC and a new playable realm. That's joined by further monsters and bosses, more weapons, new dungeon layouts and chambers, alongside more themed cosmetics. You can find the full list below:

Dungeons of Eternity - 2023-2024 Roadmap
Dungeons of Eternity - 2023-2024 Roadmap

There's no confirmation yet that Dungeons of Eternity will leave its current exclusivity on Quest. When asked about potential plans for other VR platforms, Othergate explained "we are certainly looking into expanding the game to more platforms" but confirmed the team is currently "focusing on updates and enhancements."

We had strong praise in our recent Dungeons of Eternity review. Awarding our highest marks, we enjoyed its combat, high production values and co-op gameplay.

Dungeons of Eternity isn't a revolutionary experience but it's an incredibly enjoyable fantasy action RPG to play with a group of friends... Combat is excellent, catering to many different playstyles, while the progression system feels rewardingly well-considered. Dungeons of Eternity quickly became one of the most enjoyable VR co-op experiences I've ever tried and I can't recommend it enough.

Dungeons of Eternity is out now on the Meta Quest platform, and it's 40% off in the Quest Store Black Friday sale until November 28.

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