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Dungeons of Eternity Goes Treasure Hunting On Quest 2 This Year

Dungeons of Eternity VR key art

Dungeons of Eternity brings a new VR fantasy adventure with roguelike elements to Quest, arriving later this year.

Announced during today's Meta Quest Gaming Showcase, Othergate’s Dungeons of Eternity promises "an endless, imerssive action RPG experience," playable solo or with up to three players in co-op. Featuring randomly generated dungeons with hundreds of unique chambers, it features "realistic" physics-based hack-n-slash combat as you fight skeletons, scorpions, and other terrifying threats. Here's the announcement trailer:

Tasked with overcoming puzzles and traps, your goal involves collecting as much treasure as possible without dying while exploring crypts, castles, and caverns. Should you make it to safety, you can then craft new, randomly-generated weapons and outfit your character differently.

"It's well understood that multiplayer and VR go well together, and building Dungeons of Eternity as a cooperative experience simply made sense," says Ryan Rutherford, Othergate Co-founder in a prepared statement. "Classic fantasy games and films always involved a group of heroes working together. Giving players freedom in playstyle and character representation were important as well."

Dungeons of Eternity arrives later this year on Meta Quest 2 and Quest Pro, while free post-launch updates with new chambers are also planned.

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