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Clockpunk VR Arena Shooter 'Wisdom Watcher' Enters Early Access

Wisdom Watcher

Wisdom Watcher brings a clockpunk twist to VR arena shooters, and it's available now on Steam Early Access and Quest App Lab.

Developed by Italian studio Space Whale, Wisdom Watcher promises "intense combat" in arenas inspired by evocative European locations mixed with dark fantasy. Playing a young pilgrim of the Wisdom Watchers, you're tasked with destroying frightening inhabitants of the astral dimension inspired by folklore and extracting their lifeblood. Here's the new trailer:

Detailed in a press release, Wisdom Watcher packs regularly updated challenges and competitive leaderboards. It comes with "a multitude of different weapons" ranging between firearms and melee weapons, destructive environments and a collectible item system.

Today's early access launch also adds new features not seen in the previous demo. That includes a new weapon and card system, the multi-level 'Hell's Gate' arena, the new 'Nightmare Guardian' gameplay mode where you must protect a circle boundary from monsters and additional enemies. Further upgrades include new tutorials, a progression system with achievements and a new in-game UI.

“For Wisdom Watcher, we were definitely inspired by the whole repertoire of Italian and European folklore from which we drew inspiration for the designs of the enemies in the game," said Project Manager Marius Chiriac, who cites Doom (2016) and Robot Recall as further gameplay inspirations.

Wisdom Watcher is out now on Steam Early Access and Quest App Lab for $14.99, with a demo available on Steam and SideQuest. A full release is planned for 2024.

Notice: This article, initially published on October 1, 2023, was updated on December 12, 2023, to reflect the early access launch.

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