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The UploadVR Showcase Returns June 2023! Here’s How To Apply

The UploadVR Showcase Returns June 2023! Here’s How To Apply

The UploadVR Summer Showcase is returning in June and we’re looking for games to include!

Over the last five years, developers and publishers behind some of VR’s biggest games have chosen the UploadVR Showcase as the place to premiere their most exciting work. From 2019’s Pistol Whip to 2023’s Vertigo 2, we’re incredibly thankful to the many inspiring VR developers who’ve trusted us with amplifying their announcements.

We’re partnering with IGN again and proud to play our part in spotlighting some of the most interesting things being done with VR!

Here’s everything you need to know about the 2023 UploadVR Showcase.

When Is The Summer 2023 UploadVR Showcase?

The UploadVR Showcase will be held in mid-June streaming live on the UploadVR YouTube channel and IGN.

How Do I Get In Contact With UploadVR About My Game?

Submitting a video to the UploadVR Showcase is completely free.

There’s more information here and we ask creators interested in being part of the Showcase to fill out the Google Doc by April 25th expressing interest and committing to an embargo on their video, as well as what it reveals, until it appears for the first time in our Showcase.

How Do We Make Selections?

UploadVR Showcases are supported by some sponsors who help pay for the event’s production and the broader journalism work at UploadVR, but most of the content we include is made of up entirely of participant videos and trailers produced by independent teams and picked solely because we think their work is new, interesting, and relevant to UploadVR’s audience.

We should note that while we try to cast a very wide net to ensure our platform can be used to amplify the work of even a lone VR developer, we also can’t include everyone and still put together a show that flows well enough to keep everyone’s attention. Potential complications include the use of copyrighted works in a submitted video or gameplay footage that fails to stand out when stacked up against all the other videos in the show.

When Do We Make Selections?

We’ll reach out by May 1st to the selected works for the Summer 2023 Showcase, and we’ll need the video submitted to us by May 19th to get it into the show.

We understand this timeline is tight for many developers who don’t already have trailers videos or developer updates already in the works. If now isn’t the right time for your inclusion in the Showcase, maybe we can align on a future event! As always, we also encourage developers to contact to let us know about their projects at every stage of development.

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