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Unannounced Official Quest 3 Charging Dock Gets FCC Approval

Unannounced Official Quest 3 Charging Dock Gets FCC Approval

A Quest 3 charging dock just got approved by the US FCC.

Meta hasn't yet officially announced a charging dock for Quest 3, or even said that either the headset or controllers will support either wireless or contact-based charging.

Renders and images of Quest 3 clearly show three gold dots on the bottom of the headset though, which strongly resemble the pins the Quest Pro headset and controllers use to charge on the included dock.

Quest Pro has an included dock for contact-based charging.

The new Touch Plus controllers show no such pins however, and their FCC approval documents showed they take a single AA battery each, like all Meta's previous like all Meta's previous VR controllers except the rechargeable Touch Pro.

The documents for the unannounced dock say it supports "wireless charging function for left and right controllers" and the listed model numbers of the controllers the dock charges match the FCC filing for Quest 3's Touch Plus controllers. The dock is listed as using low-frequency RF, used for inductive charging.

These model numbers match Quest 3's Touch Plus controllers.

The regulatory information label states that it takes a 45W USB input and has two wireless outputs, one for each controller, as well as three charging contact pins - matching the three pins seen on the Quest 3 headset.

The label lists the power input and outputs.

This seems to suggest the Touch Plus controllers themselves act as chargers, drawing in power wirelessly from the dock and using it to charge the battery held inside.

Some Quest 2 owners already use rechargeable AA batteries with an external charging enclosure to save on battery cost. The Touch Plus design could eliminate the need to remove the battery from the controller each time to recharge, instead having you just place them on the dock, while also letting those who don't want the dock continue to use regular AA batteries.

We'd again note though that Meta hasn't officially announced this dock, nor said anything about Quest 3's recharging capabilities. Getting a device through FCC approval is a significant investment though, so while the company could theoretically decide not to release it, we'll probably hear about it at the Connect conference scheduled for September 27.

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