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Meta Connect Returns This September With Quest 3 Details

Meta Quest 3 headset

Meta Connect sets a date for September 27, promising further details about the newly announced Quest 3.

Following a previous tease from Mark Zuckerberg, Meta formally unveiled  Meta Quest 3 earlier today. Retailing from $500 for the 128GB model, Quest 3 features a 40% slimmer design than Quest 2, pancake lenses, color passthrough for mixed reality and new Touch Plus controllers. "Mark your calendars because we’ll have lots more to share at Meta Connect, which returns this year on September 27," Meta confirms on its website.

Historically, Meta has saved big hardware reveals for its annual Connect event, though such reveals are rarely the first look we get at the headsets. Quest 2 was officially announced at Facebook Connect 2020 following earlier photo and spec leaks, while Quest Pro bizarrely appeared in a hotel before Connect 2022, back when it was still known as Project Cambria. It makes Quest 3's early announcement a notable exception, which we'd speculate is a response to the rumored announcement of the Apple headset next week.

You can read more about today's Quest 3 announcement below:

Meta Quest 3 Ships This Fall, Starting At $500
Meta Quest 3 ships fall 2023, Mark Zuckerberg revealed this morning. More details here:

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