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Starship Home Is The First Quest 3 Exclusive, Utilizing Its Full Mixed Reality Capabilities

Starship Home Is The First Quest 3 Exclusive, Utilizing Its Full Mixed Reality Capabilities

Starship Home, a plant-filled mixed reality adventure, is the first announced Quest 3 exclusive game.

Creature Unites Industry Veterans With New VR Game Studio
Creature is a new studio and label that’s uniting VR veterans. More info:

Developed by Creature, Starship Home marks the studio's debut game since its founding last year. It turns your living room into a starship using MR passthrough, and you'll embark on an interplanetary expedition that involves collecting, nurturing, and befriending alien plants who need care across the galaxy. Promising a narrative-driven story where you investigate the sinister blight affecting these plants, here's the announcement trailer:

Starship Home uses the 3D scene mesh generated by Quest 3 during mixed reality room setup to position virtual objects on your walls and furniture, and that's likely why it's not launching on older headsets. While Quest 2 and Quest Pro let you manually mark out your walls and furniture as rectangular cuboids, this is an arduous and imprecise process. Furthermore, Quest 2's passthrough is very low-resolution black and white.

"Building a rich, meaningful, and forward looking mixed reality experience requires features that are only available on Quest 3,” Creature founder Doug North Cook told UploadVR. “Starship Home is our attempt at making a mixed reality game that moves beyond just being a demo, a toy, or a prototype and lays the groundwork for what games in mixed reality can be - responsive to your environment, rich and engaging, and full of magic. Our hope is that we see more devices moving forward that enable this type of gameplay."

Before Connect 2023, Meta confirmed Quest 3 wouldn't have any exclusives until 2024, excluding the mixed reality tutorial First Encounters. Back in January, Townsmen VR became the first Quest 3 game unavailable on older Quest headsets. However, because it's also on PC VR and PlayStation VR2, Townsmen VR can't be considered the first true Quest 3 exclusive.

Starship Home launches exclusively on Quest 3 in Q3 2024.

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