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Sniper Elite VR Graphics Comparison - Quest 2 vs PSVR vs PC

Sniper Elite VR Graphics Comparison - Quest 2 vs PSVR vs PC

Which scope offers the sharpest shot in Sniper Elite VR? Find out in our Sniper Elite VR graphics comparison!

Rebellion and Just Add Water’s anticipated VR FPS is a rare thing, releasing day and date across PSVR, Quest and PC on July 8. Usually we see platforms staggered in VR, which made us very intrigued to see how each version held up. Check out our video below, running three versions. One is on Quest 2, another is on PSVR via PS5 (so likely comparable to PS4 Pro quality), and then on SteamVR with medium graphics settings.

Sniper Elite VR Graphics Comparison

Most of what we’ve played of the game so far is on PC and, truthfully, from what we’d seen we weren’t sure the PSVR and Quest versions could really keep up. But, based on the opening four levels above, it’s a pretty positive first impression. All three versions of the game have all the same features; killcam shots, zoomable scopes and interactive environmental objects right down shotgun shells.

With the Quest version, you’re getting some of the usual drawbacks like very saturated color schemes. Even then, though, I was still noticing impressive tiny details in the standalone release, like sniper bullets deforming as they hit bone and fly out of an enemy’s body. Plus, the headset’s higher resolution actually makes it look sharper than the PSVR release, even though the latter is ultimately more detailed.

But be on the lookout for some other interesting differences. Vistas, killcams, explosions all offer different experiences across all three versions, and we take a look at gun models and other elements, too.

And, yes, we’re playing the PSVR version with the Aim controller. It should give you a good idea of how it changes up the flow of gameplay.

We haven’t taken a look at the game on the original Quest or PS4 yet, but we’ll report back if there’s anything to talk about on that front.

What do you make of our Sniper Elite VR graphics comparison? Let us know in the comments below!

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