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Quest's Horizon Home Is Getting YouTube Cowatching

Quest's Horizon Home Is Getting YouTube Cowatching

Quest owners will be able to watch YouTube together in Horizon Home, Meta announced this week.

The brief mention during Meta Connect indicates people will be able to have the YouTube VR experience with friends in their Horizon Home on Quest headsets.

“In the future when you’re together with your friends in Horizon Home you’ll be able to watch and share YouTube videos just like you might do together in the physical world,” Meta CTO Andrew Bosworth said. “Watch videos together, share content from your favorite creators or experience something completely new.”

The feature follows Bigscreen which rolled out similar functionality earlier this year on Quest but Meta brings the experience from a third-party app to the core experience of the headset. We reached out to Meta to ask whether the integration will include the ability to log into a Google account to access and share purchased content — an unlikely scenario given the licensing complications involved — but we’ll update this post if we hear back.

Google’s YouTube has supported VR in various way across a range of devices with support for 360-degree videos added some time ago. The move from Meta to partner with YouTube comes alongside partnerships with Microsoft and Adobe to bring some of those company’s apps to Quest VR headsets.

We’ll be curious to test the feature as soon as it’s available and see how smoothly the experience works.

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