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Pistol Whip Style System Adds Bullet Hell & Deep Customization

Pistol Whip Style System Adds Bullet Hell & Deep Customization

Start stretching your legs because Pistol Whip is adding a new Bullet Hell modifier that’s going to up the intensity of the game to entirely new levels.

The new option is part of a huge Style System update set to launch this summer that completely overhauls Pistol Whip’s approach to modifiers. The new system, formerly known as the Concierge, lets you pick a weapon type (like dual pistols, revolvers, or the burst-fire weapon from the game’s first campaign) combined with modifiers that alter mechanics. An intensity gauge shows players the recommended skill level for the selected options.

The new system surfaces developer-suggested configurations alongside popular ones from the community, with customization throughout and leaderboards to match every setup. By combining scene difficulty with weapon type and a growing slate of modifiers, the options multiply the number of leaderboards that players can compete for a spot on.

The update keeps reminding me of my days playing NBA Jam and inputting cheat codes for modifiers like “Big Head” mode that put gigantic noggins on every player because, yes, there’s a big head mode modifier coming to Pistol Whip as well. I’m most interested in the “Bullet Hell” modifier which looks like, when combined with “Deadeye” mode, it could turn Pistol Whip into one of the most intense shooters ever made.

Cloudhead Games offered a sneak peek at the new update as part of the 2021 Upload VR Showcase. Be sure to check back with us next week as we dive deeper into the new system with the developers.

Here’s the announcement trailer showing off the new features:

Pistol Whip is available on Oculus Quest, SteamVR, and PlayStation VR headsets.

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