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Upload VR Showcase: The Best Moments From The First Shows

Upload VR Showcase: The Best Moments From The First Shows

We’re gearing up for the third Upload VR Showcase on June 12 at 3pm PT with a look back at the best moments from past shows.

Ever since the first showcase debuted as the E3 VR Showcase in 2019 we’ve been on the hunt for great new VR experiences to bring before your eyes. In 2020 we grew with yet more announcements and we’ll be back in just a few short days with more to share. Before we go live with the big show, though, let’s take a moment to remember the best moments from our last two events!

After The Fall Revealed

What a way to kick off our first-ever showcase, eh? Vertigo Games made a triumphant return after the smash-hit success of Arizona Sunshine with the reveal of After The Fall. The four-player co-op shooter holds a lot of promise and should be arriving on a headset near you this summer. Hyped? Keep an eye on this year’s show for more from the game.

Meat Fortress Invades H3VR

Whenever we ask people what their favorite moments from past showcases were, Meat Fortress almost always gets a nod. This whacky collaboration between Valve’s Team Fortress and Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades was a huge highlight of the first showcase, capturing the zany appeal of the latter and mixing it in with beloved features from the former.

Norman Reedus Stops By

It’s not every day you get to introduce a bonafide zombie killer in your stream but, last year, we did just that. Norman Reedus stopped by the showcase to talk a little about The Walking Dead: Onslaught. We can’t quite remember exactly what he said about the experience… something along the lines of it being as cool as something that sounds like… hit? It was definitely hit.

A Sneaky Surprise From Budget Cuts 2

Even after the smash-hit success of the first Budget Cuts we don’t think anyone expected to see the sequel arrive so soon. And certainly, we wouldn’t have guessed that developer Neat Corp would team up with Apex Construct studio, Fast Travel Games, to make it. This was a wonderful example of collaboration in the VR scene and the friendship between the two studios really came across in the clip.

Pistol Whip Bursts Onto The Scene

Just as After The Fall gave us a great way to open up our first year, Pistol Whip served as the perfect closer. It’s hard to believe it’s been two years since Cloudhead Games debuted its addictive musical shooter, and the team’s been showcase regulars ever since. In fact you’ll see it again this year!

Celebrating The Work Of Black VR Creators

Of course, last year’s show took place in the midst of tragic events in America and the historic rise of the Black Lives Matter movement. It was an honor to spotlight some of the work of black VR creators in last year’s show and hear from Onward developer Dante Buckley, Cooperative Innovations’ Alex Earle, Where Angels Meet creator Micah Jackson and Derek Ham, developer of I Am A Man, each talking about the incredible work they’ve each been doing in the VR scene.

What were your favorite moments from the past Upload VR Showcases? Let us know in the comments below!

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