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Smash Drums Revamps MR Support With Smashed Reality Encore Update

Smash Drums Revamps MR Support With Smashed Reality Encore Update

Smash Drums receives enhanced mixed reality support with today's free 'Smashed Reality Encore' update.

Launched last August, the 'Smashed Reality' update introduced dynamically destructible stages across three environments using Quest's scene model capture tools. Now receiving a quality-of-life update "made possible by recent Quest OS and SDK improvements," Encore allows Quest 3 and Quest Pro users to launch Smash Drums in this MR mode. You can see that in action below:


While room capture was previously required for Smashed Reality, developer Potam confirmed that's no longer necessary. Even if you haven't previously captured your room or allowed the spatial data permission, the Encore update lets you still access the MR mode. Potam also confirmed that loading between Smashed Reality environments now occurs in passthrough.

Elsewhere, Fusion Mode - where you face a stationary drum but notes fly towards the drums and cymbals, is now accessible from the Smash Drums main menu. Potam called this an ongoing effort to streamline the game's post-launch additions into a "simpler and cleaner onboarding process." More premium song packs that continue the 'Rock Legends' DLC are coming "later this year."

Smash Drums is available now on the Meta Quest platform and Pico, though MR support remains exclusive to Quest.

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