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Quill Completes Transition Into A VR Movie Maker With 2.0 Update

Quill Completes Transition Into A VR Movie Maker With 2.0 Update

At one point, it looked like Facebook and Oculus’ Quill software was all but forgotten. This week, the VR app got one of its biggest updates yet.

Quill 2.0 is now live and free for Rift owners. Whereas the VR art experience started life as a Tilt Brush competitor, this update continues its journey to becoming a self-contained storytelling tool. Previously it was possible to make short, novel animations using the platform. Now, though, Quill’s animation timeline has been expanded upon to include new features like that you synchronize sound, make transitions between shots and even more. The goal is to allow creators to make longer form VR narratives.

You can see a group of animators talk over the changes in the video above. Also new in this update are transform and opacity keyframes that can help speed up animation. Stops, meanwhile, can pause the events of a story while keeping certain looping animations alive. Elsewhere there are new additions to Quill’s audio offerings and the arrival of sequence layers. You can read more about it on the Oculus Blog.

It’s a promising update though, sadly, there’s still no sign that Quill might ever arrive on Quest. Back in March Oculus stated that its other VR art app, Oculus Medium, wouldn’t be coming to Quest. At the time the company said such an app required “the power and memory of a PC.”

Since then, though, we’ve seen experiences like Tilt Brush and Gravity Sketch land on Quest. Here’s hoping they help Oculus change its mind.

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