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Robo Recall Mod Already Adds 360 Play, Official Fix Coming

Robo Recall Mod Already Adds 360 Play, Official Fix Coming

If you, like many Oculus Rift and Touch owners, downloaded Epic Games’ Robo Recall [Review: 7.5/10] when it launched for free yesterday, you’re likely still getting to grips with the game’s teleportation system.

The mechanic is designed to support those with only two sensors, thus can’t use their Touch controllers as well when turning away from them and blocking their view of the devices. As such, when holding down one of Touch’s two analogue sticks to teleport, you can rotate them to change the direction you’ll face when you move. It’s a little tricky, but it’s the best possible solution for those only with the sensors included in the Rift and Touch boxes.

But not everyone will be playing with two sensors.

Though Robo Recall only lists ‘Front-facing’ as its supported tracking mode, those with three sensors can still play the game without worrying about occlusion blocking the Touch tracking. Even in its earliest battles the game gets hectic, and you’ll need to spin on the spot to quickly take care of enemies rather than using the teleportation system, so three sensors are pretty handy.

The problem is if you teleport when you’re looking away from where the game considers the front sensors to be, you’ll end up facing the opposite direction to where you’re looking. Why? Because if you’re playing with a 180 degree setup, you’ll still then have to turn back towards those sensors to see what you wanted to see. That’s all well and good for players with two sensors, but the feature reportedly doesn’t turn off when using three sensors.

That means these players that are spinning around to natrually face enemies in the game are sometimes teleporting and finding themselves facing the wrong way. You can imagine how annoying that could get in the heat of battle.

Luckily, the game’s full mod support — an Epic Games staple — is already here to help. Huge Robot, the developer of the Freedom Locomotion VR system, has become one of the first to make a mod for the game, removing this feature, so 360 setups can be played trouble-free.

Mods are nice, official integration is always preferable, so we reached out to Epic Games to ask if they have any plans to allow three sensor-users to remove this feature. A spokseperson told us that the company will be releasing a patch later this month that will address this issue. Until then, you can download the free mod.

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