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Lovesick: Help A Band Stuck In An Alternate Reality On Quest Headsets

Lovesick: Help A Band Stuck In An Alternate Reality On Quest Headsets

Rose City Games revealed a first look at Lovesick, its upcoming VR game about a band on the brink of breaking up when a supernatural event throws them into a weird alternate dimension.

Check out the atmospheric trailer for Lovesick here:


Set in 1999, Lovesick focuses on the four members of a struggling band called The New Agenda who encounter an event called “the Feedback” which launches them into an alternate reality. Playing as the band’s bassist Sam, you’ll attempt to rescue your bandmates from a “surreal mindscape reflecting the memories, fears, and ambitions of the person trapped within.”

The game, revealed formally in the UploadVR Summer Showcase, promises psychic abilities to unlock and use in helping solve puzzles that connect to each member of the band, with the trailer showcasing its vibe of “eerie and imaginative spaces" as devs will have you journey through escape room-style.

“Before getting into gamedev, most of us on the team grew up playing in bands. I spent my entire 20s in the music industry, recording albums, touring, and later working at a record label,” said Director Corey Warning, in a prepared statement. “We’re uniquely set up to tell this story. It was inspired by the existential nowhere that comes from being on the road constantly and finding and sharing your voice. The egos, the pressure, the camaraderie — it’s all here.”

We’re curious to see and hear more about the project, with developers saying the musical influences are pulled from the ‘90 post-punk scene with a score and songs by Graham Nesbitt.

“Corey and I had a blast developing the sound of The New Agenda and referencing the punk, indie rock, and emo music from the turn of the century,” said Nesbitt, in a prepared statement. “That’s part of what’s special about LOVESICK. Most of what you hear as far as the world of sound in the game comes from the characters and the instruments they play. In a way, it’s an extension of all of their voices and how it all fits into the music from this specific moment in time.” 

You can learn more about Lovesick on its Quest store page, with a Steam release planned as well.

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