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John Wick Chronicles Brings Gun-Toting Action To Vive Next Week

John Wick Chronicles Brings Gun-Toting Action To Vive Next Week

Action movie sequel, John Wick: Chapter 2, hits theaters next week, so it only makes sense its anticipated VR tie-in arrives then too.

The Steam page for John Wick Chronicles: An Eye For An Eye has been updated, confirming a February 9th release date along with a $19.99 price tag. That’s next Thursday, for those reaching for their diaries, and the film opens next Friday. Officially, only HTC Vive support is listed for the game right now, but we’ve reached out to developer Starbreeze Studios to ask after Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR support. Grab Games, GameCo, and Big Red Button all also contributed to development duties, and the game is published by Starbreeze with the help of Lionsgate.

Chronicles features an original set of missions that cast you as the titular character, played in the movies by Keanu Reeves. You’ll visit the Continental Hotel, a familiar locations to fans of the franchise, to pick up assignments that will then lead into shootouts using Vive’s position-tracked controls.

We got hands-on with the game back at New York Comic-Con last year and, if that preview is anything to go by, then it’s definitely one that Vive fans will want to look out for. We’re particularly eager to see how the full game will standout next to the flood of other VR shooters that have released for headsets over the past few months. The production values alone have us hoping for something memorable.

If you pre-order the game you’ll also get access to co-op bank heist shooter, Payday 2, complete with some John Wick-themed DLC.

If you don’t have a Vive but still want to give the game a try you can book a ticket to Los Angeles; the newly-opened IMAX VR center is showing the experience.

Naturally, we’ll be looking to bring you a full review of the game next week.

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