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Job Simulator & Vacation Simulator Are Coming To Apple Vision Pro

Job Simulator & Vacation Simulator Are Coming To Apple Vision Pro

A Unity sign-up page confirmed two of the best-selling VR games are coming to Apple Vision Pro: Job Simulator and Vacation Simulator.

The sign up on Unity's site for a visionOS roundtable to be hosted later this month mentioned you'll "hear how Owlchemy Studios brought their popular titles, Job Simulator and Vacation Simulator, over in the fully immersive (VR) space".

UploadVR confirmed Job Simulator will be priced $19.99 and Vacation Simulator will be priced $29.99 USD on Apple Vision Pro.

Google-owned Owlchemy Labs is the studio behind both games, which are currently available on Meta Quest, PlayStation VR, SteamVR, and even Pico headsets. Job Simulator was a launch title for the original HTC Vive and remains one of the highest selling VR games of all time. Its port to the Apple Vision Pro will make it one of the biggest titles to date on Apple's platform.

Vacation Simulator launched in 2019 and, over a year later in late 2020, got controller-free hand tracking support on Quest.

Vacation Simulator Adds Experimental Quest Hand Tracking Support
Owlchemy Labs added experimental hand tracking support to Vacation Simulator on Oculus Quest. The studio teased the feature right before launching it. Devin Reimer, CEO of Google-owned developer Owlchemy Labs, posted a video to Twitter showing a scene from Vacation Simulator, except with the player using hand tracking to make

“I think we got it,” Andrew Eiche, the CEO of Owlchemy Labs, told me last year when we demoed the company's latest hand tracking technology. “How do you get a billion people to play VR? The controllers are a barrier. They are built like video game controllers."

Job Simulator and Vacation Simulator are coming soon to Apple Vision Pro. Both games are presumed to use hand tracking, though that hasn't been officially confirmed. We've also asked if Job Simulator for Quest will get hand tracking as well.

Article updated with confirmation and pricing.

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