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C-Smash VRS Reaches Quest & Pico This Spring

C-Smash VRS Reaches Quest & Pico This Spring

C-Smash VRS, the VR reboot of SEGA's Cosmic Smash, reaches Quest and Pico this spring.

Released last year, C-Smash VRS mixes Squash and Breakout in a futuristic racket game, and we consider it one of the best PSVR 2 games currently available. Announced today via IGN, publisher RapidEyeMovers and developer Wolf & Wood confirmed C-Smash VRS is leaving PSVR 2 exclusivity for Quest 2, Quest 3 and Pico 4 on April 4. Here's the new trailer:

Detailed further by IGN, C-Smash VRS features global leaderboards across all four platforms. Cross-platform multiplayer is also mentioned as being "on the roadmap," so while it won't be available in April, post-launch support is planned at a later date.

We had strong praise in our recommended C-Smash VRS review in June, believing it "stylishly adapts the arcade classic." A major post-launch update followed in September, which added co-op support, 'Infinity Mode' with a dynamically generated arena, AI opponents, new block types, and more.

C-Smash VRS reaches the Meta Quest platform and Pico on April 4, 2024. Elsewhere, it's out now on PSVR 2 with a free demo available.

C-Smash VRS Review - The Future Is Retro
With stylish visuals and enjoyable multiplayer, C-Smash VRS is a fine PSVR 2 remake for a SEGA arcade classic. Our full review:

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