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C-Smash VRS Demo Now Live, Arrives On June 23 For PSVR 2

C-Smash VRS Demo Now Live, Arrives On June 23 For PSVR 2

C-Smash VRS arrives on June 23, and you can jump in now thanks to a free PlayStation VR2 demo.

Developed by RapidEyeMovers and Wolf & Wood, C-Smash VRS completely reimagines Cosmic Smash, Sega’s obscure Dreamcast and arcade game from 2001. Combining Squash and Breakout with a retro-futuristic presentation, this previously announced demo includes a tutorial, solo training mode and 1v1 online multiplayer. Like every PS5 title, online play requires a PlayStation Plus subscription, and you can watch the new gameplay trailer below:

“The demo is a small glimpse at our game, which will have an epic Journey mode, a sweat and joy inducing Infinity mode, and a variety of Co-Op and Versus modes,” say the developers in a jointly authored PlayStation Blog post. “We also have more features mapped for the full title, including a 3D audio soundscape and fully using adaptive triggers.”

We enjoyed the demo during our C-Smash VRS preview last month. Believing it “could fill a crucial multiplayer gap” on PSVR 2, we praised its visual design and competitive gameplay, stating: “It’s a simple arrangement that feels easy to jump into, backed up by a retro-futuristic soundtrack and I quickly got into the rhythm… understanding the fundamentals didn’t take long, and the vibrant blue and orange visuals against this grey space station contrasts well.” You can check out our full hands-on and interview with Jörg Tittel to learn more.

C-Smash VRS arrives on June 23 for PSVR 2 for $26.99, and the free demo is available now.

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