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Asus was one of the many partners announced to be working on Google’s Daydream platform earlier this month. Now we may have our first glimpse at its compatible hardware.

Computex 2016 is going on in Taipei, Taiwan this week, as fans of the HTC Vive will likely already know. But HTC isn’t the only VR company at the event; Asus also has a huge presence, having recently hosted its own press conference. VR wasn’t mentioned during that show itself, but multiple reports have confirmed that there’s an ‘Asus VR’ HMD sitting innocently in the company’s booth.

According to Android Authority, the kit’s configuration is remarkably similar to the Daydream-compatible ZTE VR headset, suggesting it could be following Google’s specs. The above image was taken by TweakTown.

Though unconfirmed, it’s very likely that this is indeed the case; why would Asus produce one VR HMD only to have to release another that supports a Daydream phone in a few months’ time when the handsets begin to roll out? If this is the Asus submission, then the company may also be working on a VR motion controller that also follows the design specifications laid out by Google. You could also expect both to launch towards the end of this year, then. As for what phone could be supported with the kit? That remains to be seen, though it’s likely to be a new entry into the company’s own ZenFone series.

This isn’t the only work that Asus is doing in VR; the company worked with Oculus VR to produce VR ready PCs, and was said to be interested in its own HoloLens-style mixed reality (MR) HMD.

Asus is just one of many partners for Google Daydream, which plans to unify the mobile VR ecosystem across both software and hardware by having compatible phones meet a basic set of specs and each motion controller be based off of the same design. Other companies include Huawei, LG, and even VR rivals in both Samsung and HTC. Google itself will be offering its own hardware for the tech, which is rumoured not to rely on any type of smartphone at all, but has so far kept it under wraps.

We’re bound to see plenty more Daydream HMDs trickle out of the woodwork in the coming weeks and months, so keep your eyes peeled.

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