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Zombieland VR Dev Raises $2.1 Million For Original IP And Expansion

Zombieland VR Dev Raises $2.1 Million For Original IP And Expansion

XR Games, the developer behind this years’ Zombieland: Headshot Fever, has raised more money to grow its team and keep making VR content.

The studio this week announced it had secured $2.1 million in funding in a round led by Maven Equity Finance. The company will use this investment to hire another 20 people at its studio in Leeds, UK.

XR Games released two major VR games over the past few years. The first was Angry Birds Under Pressure VR, which was based on the series’ second movie (and isn’t to be confused with Resolution Games’ Angry Birds). Earlier this year it also launched its take on the Zombieland universe in VR – a fast-paced arcade shooter that sees players repeating courses in pursuit of high scores. Both titles were published by the VR arm of Sony Pictures.

We thought Headshot Fever had its charms, awarding the game a ‘Good’ rating. “The action is fast and enjoyable, level design encourages replaying, and you’re never short of something to upgrade or the means to upgrade it,” we said. “Some finicky reloading, less than stellar character models, and skimpy tutorials keep it from being an essential game, but if you can look beyond that, you’re in for a much more entertaining light-gun game than meets the eye.”

So far the studio hasn’t announced what it’s working on next. But, in a prepared statement, CEO Bobbi Thandi suggested we could see it create its own titles: “This most recent round of investment enables our recent hires and existing team to kick start our own original IP initiatives, and helps to fund further R&D into augmented and virtual reality.”

We’ll of course bring you the latest from the studio as we have it.


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